Aaliyah Hand Block Print Kantha Cushion - Blue Paisley


The Aaliyah hand block printed Kantha cushion in a bohemian paisley print is a vintage style piece, in a blue printed design on off-white cotton. 

The hand block printed cotton is delicately hand stitched in the Kantha tradition to create a soulful, handcrafted sofa, throw or bed cushion. The paisley print design and laid back colours evoke memories of distant travel, whatever the season.

Ideal as a throw cushion on the bed, any chair or chaise longue, it's intricate print, saturated colour and handcrafted touches make it an individual addition to any room. With a vintage feel, the print design is a patchwork of cleverly joined hand block prints, imperceptible but there as a demonstration of authentic craft.

Combine two cushions with the matching Aaliyah double bedspread for a complete set, or mix up the styles and colours with our other statement cushions for the maximal look.


Measurements: 225 cms x 275 cms 
Textile: 100% Cotton 
Insert: Polyester filling, polypropylene cover
Washing instructions: Very delicate, cool wash, separately. Line dry


Block printed by hand in Jaipur, then hand stitched by skilled artisans the Aaliyah cushion is created from hours of dedicated crafting. Before the printing can begin, an artisan carves the print design on a small block of soft wood, to bring the sketched drawing to life. The printer then uses that one small wooden block to dip in the dye and print carefully along a 20ft table. He joins the designs quickly and skillfully to produce the beautifully printed sheeting for the cushion to be cut and stitched. The women artisans then take the printed fabric and using the age-old Kantha stitching technique, hand stitch it together with a plain layer of cotton, to create the Kantha quilted stitch look for the bedspreads. Each one is its own work of art, celebrating these rich artisanal traditions and bringing you a little bit of eastern design at home. 

Type: Cushion

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