Alana Hand Block Printed Polka Dot Tea Towel - Grey

The Alana hand block printed, random polka dot tea towel is a handcrafted cutey. 

Skillfully hand block printed cotton casement fabric is beautifully tailored into this practical and absorbent tea towel.  

With a handy hoop at one corner, hang it where you will and pair it with it's matching apron, for added impact in the kitchen. 


Measurements: 70cm x 49 cm 

Textile: 100% Cotton 

Washing instructions: Gentle machine wash, separately. Line dry.


Block printed by hand in Jaipur, the apron is created from hours of dedicated crafting. Before the printing can begin, another artisan needs to hand carve the print design on a small block of soft wood, to bring the sketched drawing to life. The random polka dots are carved out, leaving the dye to be transferred on all but the dots in the design. The printer then uses that one small wooden block to dip in the dye and print carefully along a 20 ft table. He joins the individual block print skillfully to produce the beautifully printed sheeting for the apron to be cut from. The women artisans then take the printed cotton casement and carefully tailor the aprons to the measurements for you. Each one is unique, with the handprint joins subtly and authentically visible and a thoughtful addition to any kitchen or craft room. 

Type: Tea towel

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