Caelan Handwoven Cotton Dhurrie Rug - Monochrome

The Caelan handwoven cotton dhurrie rug in a black and ivory stripe monochrome design has been handcrafted by an artisan in a beautiful village outside of Jaipur in Rajasthan, India.

The contemporary mono colours bring a Nordic look to any room with a traditional soulful feel with the slowly handwoven cotton underfoot. These handcrafted flat-weave dhurries are a delight in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or hallway floor, or as a piece of art on your wall. Inject a little of the Scandi feel into your decor and relish the slow artisanal processes of hand spinning, dyeing and looming employed to create this one-off individual piece for you. They're durable, easy to look after and even reversible, so made to last for many reincarnations into the future. 


Measurements: 90cm x 70cm (3ft x 2ft)

Textile: 100% Cotton  

Care instructions: Spot Clean. Blot if spills occur. When vacuuming handcrafted rugs, if you raise the beater bar and just use suction, you'll lengthen the life of your rug. 


Slowly handcrafted on a hand loom in a small village workshop outside Jaipur by a skilled artisan, the Caelan Handwoven Cotton Dhurrie Rug in its monochrome stripes is a clean and modern small rug for any room. The cotton is first dyed by hand and dried in the sun, the women artisans then spin the cotton onto smaller spools before the weaver starts the intricate design on the floor handloom. A sight to behold, with the loom flying, left and right almost too fast for the eye, the painstaking but rewarding creation comes to life along the loom, soon to be a completed dhurrie. Each one is individual and imperfections are natural in this traditional, intricate process, making it unique and yours alone. 

Type: Rug

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