Lorcan Shibori Cotton Scarf / Sarong - Black


The Lorcan cotton shibori large scarf/sarong is a hand tie-dyed statement piece made in the ancient Japanese tradition. The craft has been adopted and loved in India for some time now and the artisans in Jaipur are adept at creating beautiful results with the intricate Nui shibori technique. The soft cotton scarf is in a large size which makes it ideal as a shawl or sarong and is also liked by our male customers so it's a great gender neutral gift option. A great seasonal transitional piece it'll keep the wind at bay or shade you from the sun, whatever ever you need for wherever you are. 


Measurements: 185cm  x 225cm  
Textile: 100% Cotton 
Care Guide: Cool wash, separately. Line dry. 


Handmade in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India the Lorcan over-sized scarf is a unique fashion statement and will be a laid back transitional wardrobe favourite. No two are the same. The artisan uses the Nui shibori stitched technique where a simple running stitch is used on the cotton and then pulled tight to gather the cloth. The thread needs to be pulled really tight to create the correct design and a wooden dowl often used to pull it tight enough. Each thread is secured with a knot and the cotton is then dyed by hand. This technique gives a greater variety of pattern and greater control over the outcome but is more time consuming than simple shibori. So each piece is a labour of love and artisanal skill, ready to be enjoyed by you on holiday or at home. 

Type: Scarf

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